Running on AndroidTV

I’ve cloned the Android code and modified to make it appear on AndroidTV.

It was going well until I hit the auth view, I this is the first WebView. I’m thinking I need to translate the directional keypad input into tab/tab back.


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Watching this with anticipation…this would be awesome to have.

We’re in! Navigation is a little funky with the remote D-PAD but not impossible. Having a custom TV login kiosk style UI layout will help this.

I’d also really like to get some info on the Android TV Launch screens, maybe a card per tab.



Do you still have this working? I know it has been a while but I have been looking forever for a way to display a dashboard on my tv that is interactable with the d-pad on my remote.


the official app also has these workarounds added

Oh really? That’s great! So all I would need to do is sideload the official app onto my Shield?

yup just need to sideload and login

Cool, thank you!