Running out of space - my back up folder looks huge - can I delete?

Hi all, yet another question about space management…

Basically, in the last few months, I have been having some real problems with dick space., I tried the expand disk space using an SSD that did not work. Reset everything my last backup at the time, but space has kept on growing in an explainable (yet) way.

I came across this post How to keep your recorder database size under control (and was very excited about it) but I have no space, so no way of installing SAMBA or SQLite Web add on to clear stuff up.
The latest is that I deleted a backup expecting to free up 3GB so I could install these extensions and further clean up. Space did not move.
I checked the backup folder and saw the following
Screenshot 2024-03-01 at 13.56.37

Can I delete any of it with no risk?

Will make sure I have samba add on install so I can enable in those cases though I hope not to have this issue again (following the tips in the link above)

Thank you in anticipation

This being the backup folder and files being way too big, I have deleted one and it seems all good now.

Screenshot 2024-03-01 at 15.10.31

Must have been because I have tried to get some full backups so I could move to SSD properly (like I am now) and they would have failed.

I hope the SQL Web trick will do the magic I was after for so long…


I figured my problem - my frigate media are being backed up as well leading to 30GB backups… I need to find a way to exclude those if anyone has a suggestion please?