Running Out Of Space - VM

I have HA 2021.11.5 installed on a virtual machine housed on. Synooogy NAS. Originally I dedicated 32GB storage to the VM.

When updating to 2021.11.5 I noticed I was out of space. I removed the backups (the older ones) from the VM but still shows having no space.

I’ve ended up increasing the space on the VM to 64GB but I may need missing something about how I can free up space.

Check if you have any old databases in root (config folder). HA database sometimes gets corrupted, and then HA starts a new one. Old one is then renamed to something_corrupted (similar to that). Delete those if they exist.

Did you change default HA history (recorder) length (which is 10 days)?

Also: do you have InfluxDB installed? It’s database rises indefinitely, since it’s not limited to 10 days as it is in HA database.

Backups can quickly take a lot of space. I have set to store backups on my main Synology, not inside HA.

I am resurrecting this thread because I am at my wits end. I keep having to expand the space of my VM to accomodate home assistant.

When I examine the files used by HA I am only using about 5G but my VM constantly fills up. I read in a few threads this may be caused by the overlay2 director, but I cannot see this directory.

I have a synology NAS 918+ running HA 9.5 and Core 2023.3.6.

Shouldn’t there be a way that I can access the file system of the VM to see this ‘overlay’ directory and delete any large files within it?