Running RTL_433 with Home Assistant running node-red on the same Raspberry Pi

I have installed RTL_433, RTL_SDR and Home Assistant on my RPi 4. I have also installed Node-Red under home assistant. All of the pieces work…I see my Acurite temperature and my Maverick BBQ Thermometer when I do RTL-TEST. I have Home assistant running z-wave and much more. I am new to node red but I think it’s the glue that gets RTL_433 information to home assistant so I can use the input to trigger automations.

I can’t figure out the last step…how to configure RTL-433 to send information to my node-red…and what do I need in Node-red to read that information to act on it.

There is far too much (conflicting and incomplete) install information on the web.

Does anyone have this working?

As far as I know : RTL_433 send data to your mqtt server. You can either create sensors in HA from the received Mqtt messages, or use node-red to preprocess them.

Progress: I get input to node-red from both my Acurite thermometer and my Maverick BBQ thermometer. I have one last hurdle…I need to use that information and trigger a service to send speech to an Amazon Echo (Alexa). I can’t connect node-red to home assistant using any of the blue home assistant nodes. I have node-red and node-red companion both installed, but they aren’t working.

User install error…everything now working.