Ruuvitag BLE integration missing Acceleration for X, Y and Z axes (g), Movement counter

Will there be optional update as well for Ruuvi integration to Homeassitant with gyro & vibration related values as well?
Would like to get to Homeassistant from Ruuvitag BLE & Gateway:

  1. Acceleration for X, Y and Z axes (g)
  2. Movement counter

You’d want to open a feature request for those, which can be done here in the Feature Requests section (don’t forget to vote for your own request).

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Hi @ismo67

You could try our Theengs Gateway HA Add-on, which includes the decoded values you are looking for, as described on the compatible devices list.

Thank you, this would be the option then if I need to go to MQTT setup.I still hope Ruuvi BLE & Ruuvi Gateway could start to support these values without MQTT setup.