RV Automation

I have an older Class A and I want to automate the 12v lighting, thermostat control, and monitoring of tanks, temperatures/Humidity, solar and power. I am using HA in my home but at the basic level- light controls. I plan on going to full time RVing and will be moving my raspPi to the rv. I want to start in the rv with just ceiling lights- that are controlled by switches, most are three-way. To be honest I have been researching and it isn’t as easy as setting up house lights. I need a place to start with setting this up. I could use some help getting started. Thanks in advance.


Hi Chuck,

I’m sad to see you didn’t get any responses here. Did you have any luck with this since your original post? I’m in the same situation - I’m planning to go FT in my RV with a simple RPi 4 HA doing mostly lighting at home (though monitoring lots of things.) I have another RPi 3 just running Venus OS and monitoring a Victron Multiplus 3000 solar system with 1240W on the roof (I thought I could use a tiny RPi Zero for that; I was wrong…) I had really hoped to be able to turn on a simple Victron HACs integration, then set up some fun automations (which I’ve also not yet done at home) to use the extra power when plugged into shore power or whenever I have full batteries from solar - like turn on the 12V hot water heater. I see lots of discussions about using MQTT or APIs to talk to the Victron, and that’s great(!) but I have not taken the time to tinker with it yet. My RV is stored over an hour drive from my house, so it’s not something I can experiment with casually before I hit the road. Guess I’ll have something to do on rainy days!

Does anyone else out there have a similar “HARV” setup?