RV Home Assistant replacement of INCOMMAND

i have been working on replacing my INCOMMAND factory system in my fuzion toy hauler with HAS. i have had great success over the last few weeks. i have everything working from the incommand with a few acceptions. First i need a couple more relays coming tomorrow and i will have the awnings working thats the last item to control thats easy. next is i would love any suggestions on how i can monitor the factory tank level sensors and possible monitor my generator hours through HAS. I have a RPI5 running head end. i bought the makerfab 8 relays boards to control everying the in command did. I wired bosch 40a relays between the makerfab relays and the devices. i also added a couple shelly relays to make some lights smart that were not. love to hear suggestions on the tank sensors and if anyone has any other suggestions love to hear them.

How deep are your tanks?

These are available up to 600mm in length and are super simple to interface to an ESPHome ADC input:


i would more like to use the factory sensors getting something installed onto the tanks would be a huge pita.

Do you know what the existing sensors output?

i believe they sense voltage? from what i have read and put together it senses i think 7vdc across ground and the sensors.