RYSE blinds

Anyone check these out? Can’t find anything at all to see if they could be HA managed. Has its own hub but can’t find any specs.


These are the new version of the Axis Gear. There has been a little conversation about those in the past. However, I believe Gear was Zigbee and Ryse are bluetooth/wifi. Maybe with the hub it could be possible?

Looking at buying Ryse, can the hub be integrated with HomeAssistant?

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Yes, these can! They can connect to Home Assistant through the HomeKit Controller integration.

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Do you know if the Ryse SmartBridge is required to make that happen?

I have a beta version for MQTT integration: GitHub - ibielopolskyi/ryse_mqtt: MQTT integration for Ryse smart shades

Works well for me. They have a very basic BLE control mode. No SmartBridge needed.

Hey guys,

I managed to connect my Axis Gear (the old Ryse platform) to HA through ZHA running a Sonoff Zigbee 3.0 USB Dongle Plus.

But it doesn’t stay connected.

After the initial paring, I can control everything. I even added to a scene and tested the scenes. All working great. But after a few hours, it drops off the network, and I can’t get it to reconnect. Obviously, the scenes fail, and the blinds don’t go up in the morning.

I understand that MQTT and ZHA are different integrations that handle pretty much the same thing. I just thought I would ask if anyone could point me in a direction that might help me figure out what’s happening here.