S0PCM pulse meter support

Domoticz already support this, but should be great when this S0 can be read as an sensor for meting Water, gas etc.
It is available in Netherlands and other countries and is perfect for connecting a Pi and pulse meters like KwH or Water meters.

Great, but do you have an example how to setup this in HA ?
The info on your page is not clear…

Does you component counts the pulses ? Showing a graph? Do you only count or do a nightly reset?

It creates two entities:

  • Total pulse count
  • (hourly) pulse count

Here example of my configuration.

Hi @Jorei,
I’m interested to setup the S0 pulse meter within the current version of Home Assistant. I’m running HA on Hassio. How to setup your component? Where do I need to copy files to?



Can you please help to explain the steps to get this installed and running

I have the cyble running for a gas meter, see home-assistant/README-gas.md at add65e993766a9d21494fda81d234bb55cb87c64 · swa72/home-assistant · GitHub


I just migrated from Domoticz to Home Assistant (hassio) on Rasparian Pi 4.
Configured most of my hardware and created some Node Red flows.

The on thing i cant figure out is how to get my S0 meter working with Home Assistant. In Domoticz it was 2 clicks and ready. I have read a lot in the forums etc.


is offline or doesnt exist anymore. I run HASSIO os on Rasparian Pi 4

What steps should i take? I have the 5 port version S0 meter.

If someone could provide me with some info, this would be great!

Thanks and greetings Alex

@djalexnl how didyou make it working? I did the wget in the terminal but nothing happends in the config/ files….

Hi all,

I’m working on an Add-on for this based on the docker and Python script of ualex73 (GitHub - ualex73/docker-s0pcm-reader: S0PCM-Reader)…

I have this running now for a day, configuration is still manual in configuration.yaml (basically adding MQTT sensors).

Feel free to have a look at GitHub - darkrain-nl/home-assistant-addon-s0pcm-reader

Please be aware it is work in progress and not a 2 click solution (yet)…


  • Improve documentation…
  • Research ways to make it easier to use…

Great !
I was searching for such a thing for months. Thank you for this development
I successfully connected my S0PCM reader to my HA installation.
I now need some time to re-connect my devices (Water Meter, Gaz Meter) but a big leap is now done

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