Sabnzbd config

I have had sabNZBd working for quite awhile. Today I upgraded to 0.117.1 and now the Configurator is popping up a notification asking me to Configure it. I click on Configure, enter my API key and nothing happens. The window stays open asking for my API key again. I checked my configuration in yaml and it has not changed. sabNZBd is up and running and I can login to it’s WebUI. I have restarted HA and sabNZBd but the notification reappears. I also thought I might delete the .conf file and let it be recreated, but I can’t find it anywhere. Checked main folder (of course) as well as .storage and .cloud (just to be thorough).

  api_key: !secret sabnzbd
  path: /
  name: sab
  port: 8080
  ssl: false
    - current_status
    - speed
    - queue_size
    - queue_remaining
    - disk_size
    - disk_free
    - queue_count
    - day_size
    - week_size
    - month_size
    - total_size

This happens to me on each and every restart. Did you find a solution?

Yes. I had the path set incorrectly. Just a stupid mistake on my part. Should have been
path: /sabnzbd

Does anybody know the correct path to set when sabnzbd and home assistant both running on Synology (sabnzbd as Package and Home Assistant in docker)?

Tried /sabnzbd and also /volume1/@appstore/sabnzbd

Kind regards