Safe by HUB 6 home security integration with HA

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New to HA and home automation but loving it so far!

I have a HUB 6 connected to my pre-wired original home security system and was wondering if anyone has been able to integrate this device in HA? I’d like to take advantage of all sensors I have with this system to augment my home automation in various ways.

Referencing this website ( states it should work with IFTTT. When I explored this further, I had to give “permissions” to IFTTT to access my HUB 6 - is this safe?

I also came across this site:
This article references a “BT Home Hub 6”, so not sure if this is the same thing or not and whether I can follow the example shown.

I am able to see the IP address of my HUB 6, so I am assuming there has to be a way to integrate this into HA and take advantage. If anyone has done something of this nature could you please post your config and any tips etc.

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I am looking into the same thing. Love the SAFE by HUB6 - it has breathed new life into my older alarm. .If we could access the sensor states, that would be awesome.

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Unfortunately I haven’t seen any movement on this thread. Feel free to bump it - maybe someone might have an idea.

I did email HUB6 support and they informed me that I would not be able to automate certain zones. Got instructions on how to integrate with Google, so you can integrate it but it would just allow you to arm/disarm - which is nothing advantageous for me to be honest - I’ll just use the app :slight_smile:

I’m not totally convinced as the app allows specific zones and defining that, so I would think the same functionality can be drawn with Home Assistant. I haven’t tried it yet, but if you ever get any more info - please pass it along!

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Just to update everyone I reached out to the manufacturer support line who informed me I would not be able to automate zones (e.g. front door sensor) with IFTTT.

I’m not totally convinced and would think if their app can identify zones, this should also be accessible via HA. I haven’t tried it yet, but thought I would share. If anyone has more information please share :slight_smile:.


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Yeah, I wrote them as well. Same response. I know their unit is running on Arduino. They wisely changed the default password too (which I was glad to see). It is certainly feasible though, if they chose to do it.

Thanks Syntaxerror. Not sure how I would figure this out myself. If you have any further advice, or resources - please let me know.


Can someone please post a how-to on using IFTTT to connect Hub6 to HA? The first post mentions IFTTT but that link isn’t very useful. I’m fine with just arm / disarm functionality.


Looks like HUB6 is out of business. Mine went dead and cannot login with app even. Upgraded to envisalink 4. Now having issues integrating that! :smiley: