Safe deadbolt (not nightlatches!) Z-Wave 'smart' locks for front door of a house? (UK)

@perkins1724 the 2017 locks are using a Z-wave-plus module, and 2014 locks are using a Z-wave module, from my understanding.
In my case I was interested by the YRD240 (2014) and the YRD256 (2017).

So I tried to find out via Yale itself if the YRD256 (sold in the USA) was compatible with the Z-Wave-Plus European module… YaleUK

The UK module will not fit the US lock, and the US modules will not work in the UK the frequency is not recognized in the UK.
This is not a UK product, the security features and standards differ in the US to the UK.
This is not tested to British standards, therefore we can not offer support on this product please get in touch with Yale US Yale_Support

Thank you for your enquiry. We cant guarantee this would be compatible, as this is an American lock, their locks and standards are different to here in the UK.
Sorry we couldn’t help any further

Yale USA Customer support (on the phone)

We don’t know if it will work - call the UK

Yale UK Customer support (on the phone)

The YRD256 will work with the European Z-Wave-Plus module