Safe deadbolt (not nightlatches!) Z-Wave 'smart' locks for front door of a house? (UK)

I’m looking for a deadbolt smart lock with keypad,
to replace my current not-smart nightlatch.

I’m UK-based if that makes a difference but I’ve been searching on international websites.
The only issue with European countries is that the Z-Wave frequencies are different than in the US.

Ideally I’d like to get it connect to Hass, and :

  • see if the door is locked/opened
  • see who unlocked the door and when
  • remotely unlock/lock the door.

There’s smart locks on sale but it seems that they’re all for nightlatches, which isn’t safe as you could break through by just hitting the door.
It seems that Yale had a Deadbolt smart lock in the past YRD120 / YRD220 / YRD240 / T1L (Yale Real Living Key Free Deadbolt ), but now they’re not doing it anymore.
Yale UK is only selling smart locks for nightlatches or multi-point at the moment.

Any other hints ?

Here are my current locks, you can see the nightlatch on the upper side of the door :

I am not 100% on what you mean about a simple deadbolt not being safe enough. Do you mean you need a locking handle, plus a locking deadbolt? I have a “dumb” locking handle on my entry door and a Schlage Zwave deadbolt. (with keypad). I was very reluctant to get buy the deadbolt initially because of cost, but its been working great for our entire family. (Even wife approved)

Here is a couple I have been looking at for a while, looking to pair one of these with a deadbolt.

Thank you ericleejoe and Coolie1101, I’ll add in a few hours a picture of my door so it’ll be clearer. Currently I’ve got 2 locks .

I probably don’t need a multipoint as my door isn’t a multipoint one, I think that I was mistaken on that part of the subject !

I understand what you are looking for, just not much options available with a two in one (deadlatch and deadbolt) configuration, that’s why I mentioned the ones above paired with a smart deadbolt.

Here is another option, if you can make it work.

This is my lock. It works quite well.

Thanks for the links, I’ve updated the post with 2 pictures of my door.
Would it be safe enough to only use something like : Yale Keyless Connected Smart Door Lock with Z-Wave Module?


I haven’t used the Yale locks, but they are a good brand at least. Do you have a link to the lock?

I’ve been using the Yale lock for years. I really like it. When the pet sitter unlocks the door, HA sends me an email and my wife a text message. I’ve had no problems with it.

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@ericleejoe this is the link to the smart lock

it’s connecting to on the other side

as you can see on my door pic (1st post) I’ve already got this kind of night-latch on the upper side of my door.

@ceh yes it seems to be easy to configure it !
but I’m worried of using ONLY this kind of night-latch on my front door, do you have a second lock, like the one I’ve got currently on the bottom of my door, on my door picture ?

That looks solid to me. It seems like other HA users have had no problems integrating the Yale Z-Wave locks into their setups either.

@Coolie1101 @ericleejoe , sorry for the confusion when I was talking about deadlock/nightlatch/multipoint etc, I didn’t fully understand what it meant.
I’ve now edited my original post.

What I was looking was : a Z-Wave deadbolt lock with a keypad, no handle
which would replace my current nightlatch lock.

I checked all your links, and called and (UK websites), and it seems that there’s no Z-wave deadbolt locks (with keypad) sold at the moment in the UK.
So I may have to get that one

As it’s a US one, I’ll need to get a Z-wave USB stick with US frequency ?
Annoying as I planned to get another Z-wave lock for my garden nightlatch which would be Z-wave EU frequency ! so I’d need two Z-wave USB sticks !

@ceh which Yale lock are you using ?

I feel like Schlage may have a EU frequency for these locks. Let me see if I can find out

I did some checking. With the little searching I did, it appears Schlage does not have a Z-wave version for EU frequency. :confused:

I have the YRD220. I know they have a z-wave and zigbee module available. I have the z-wave version. I believe they make a EU z-wave module, but I’m not 100% sure.

@ericleejoe thanks for checking, I called Schlage US to ask them…and stayed 30mn on hold, then I hanged up. I may try again next week, let’s hope someone bother picking up the phone !

@ceh : Yale used to sell the YRD120 / YRD220 / YRD240 / T1L deadbolt locks with EU Z-Wave but they stopped and now they’re just selling the nightlatch (unsafe) and the multipoint one (not for my door), so it kind of sucks :cry:

@ceh I think I could buy the YRD256 (released in 2017) from the USA (as it’s not sold in the UK),
then add the Z-Wave Module 2 from the UK …?

download SL300_

@Coolie1101 I could be wrong, but I think the KAS Wireless Z-Wave Door Lock / Home Assistant integration doesn’t have the ability to log who opened the lock (ie which pin code was used). I am also having difficulty setting the code via Home Assistant although they can obviously be set manually at the lock.

@anon57099626 I can’t tell if that is the Yale Real Living (YRD220 / YRD240) or the Yale Real Living Assure (YRD226 / YRD246) or something else. If I understand correctly the Yale Real Living is an optional ZWave module whereas the Yale Real Living Assure is an optional ZWave+ module (in case ZWave+ was important to you). However the Assure may not be available in all regions yet.