Sage Doorbell not showing in HA

Sage doorbell is listed as a supported device in Deconz. However, after pairing with deconz the device does not show up in HA.

According to this thread the support for the device is quite new:

So last night I upgraded to the lastest version of deconz 2.05.79. But I can not see any visible difference.
The device looks like this in deconz:
So it seems like it is not identifing the device correctly.

Any suggestions to how to further troubleshoot.

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Im trying the same as you, but can’t get it to work. It does show up in Home Assistant for me as “Bell 22”, but no entities and there are no deconz_event 's recorded when I put voltage onto the connectors of the sensor. Might setup another instance of HA on a PI and test ZHA and/or Zigbee2MQTT, but would be great if it just worked with DeCONZ and HA as that is my current and main setup.

Finally got the device to identify correctly i deconz. Had to delete the device and upgrade deconz to latest release. Reconnected agian and now it is displayed as “Bell 3”.

It is now also shown as device in HA. But the only entity is “battery level”. Is that the same as for you?

However, same as you, I can not see any events when applying voltage to connectors. What to do next?

Hi, It just installed the SAGE doorbell sensor on a AC Friedland doorbell model D117 ( DingDong).
The doorbell is connected to a Friedland doorbell transformator D770 8V - 0,5A.
I connected the Sage Green wire to terminal 0 (first doorbell) and the Sage White wire to the terminal T (Common).
Since I don’t have an extra backdoor bell, I left the Sage yellow wire unconnected.
I then paired it succesfully with ZHA (it’s the default Zigbee integration running on Home Assistant).
Zigbee controller is a tasmota flashed Sonoff Zigbee Bridge.
The doorbell get’s recognized as “Echostar Bell”, I then added a first automation to alert me me of the included “First button” button pressed Trigger available on the device.
I notice I don’t get a trigger when I press the doorbell. If I sometimes press 2 times fast I get the notification.
My question : what is the requested minimum AC voltage/current for this sensor the “see” a doorbell press.
My current transfo is 8V AC (0,5A). Is this to low ? Do I need a higher voltage transfo ?

My Friedland doorbell model D117 has 8-16V AC or 6V DC (batteries), max. 15 Watt connection.
Maybe I should replace my AC transfo with a 12V 0,5 A or 1 A ?
Hopefully this will also give a louder dingdong sound since it’s pretty low now.

I also only have 1 entity with battery level, but it’s unknown (maybe after a day it should update).
As for keypressed itself, on the HA ZHA integration I got 2 triggers (see above) with I can use.
Only problem now is it does not capture the key press/doorbell ring. Only sometimes when pressed 2 times fast repeatedly.

edit: just remove my bell and then it works
conclusion : my AC transfo 8VAC 0,5A is too low. Have to replace it with for ex.: 12VAC 1A.
Voltage drops from 10VAC to 7,x VAC when load (bell) active.
Saw on some posts that the Sage senses the ring/press from 10VAC to 24VAC.

I’m having a similar problem. I have the sage Doorbell showing as:


It doesn’t respond to button presses. I don’t have a chime - just an Ezviz video doorbell with a 12V 1A transformer. Physical connections are similar to yours - Green connector to doorbell (via the Ezviz doorbell power kit), White connector to the transformer terminal.
Is yours working OK with a 12V 1A transformer?