Sage Doorbell Sensor Wiring

I’ve just bought a Sage doorbell sensor but struggling to get it wired correctly.
I’ve wired the doorbell (Byron 776) per instructions (see attached image) and I’m able to pair the sensor in zigbee2mqtt.

The sage instructions say to connect the green wire to front and white wire to trans (I have ignored the yellow wire as this is for a second/rear push button). But when I look at my connections they are labelled 0, 1, 2, 3. The push button is connected to 0 & 2 (per instructions).

So far I have connected the green wire (front) to 0 and white (trans) to 2. I have setup an automation to send a notification when the bell is pushed but when the system is powered on I get constant notifications to my phone. The same happens switching the wire colours.

I’ve followed this video as best as I can but the connections are very different from mine.

Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

I just bought one of these Sage doorbell Sensors and should be coming in next week. My doorbell is the same as the video, only has 3 terminals, so, hopefully be straightforward.

Did you manage to figure out your doorbell? Maybe it needs a jumper? Probably manufacturer would know.

If you did, how did it pair into HA?

It would be straightforward.

In terms of pairing, you would just pair it via your zigbee controller. I am using zigbee2mqtt + sonoff ZBDongle-P… battery % status is not supported on mine, and looks like it has been that way for years now - regardless which zigbee controller combo you are using.


Good to know.

Does the doorbell state show up or do you have to dig into ZHA events? I guess you wouldn’t know if you are using Z2M.

For anyone else that has the same doorbell as me I used connections 0 for Trans and 3 for Front. Some useful information from the seller on eBay:

You need to work out where the low voltage AC connections are on your bell, they are typically:

Low Voltage A/C Live
Low Voltage A/C Neutral
Low Voltage A/C LIve (to the bell push)
Low Voltage A/C Switched Live (from the bell push)

The White wire on the sensor needs to go to Low Voltage A/C Neutral and either the Green or Yellow wire needs to go on the Low Voltage A/C Switched Live that comes back from the bell push.

Awesome! Just got mine and it works really well.

I made some slight modifications to the doorbell box using a simple drill bit so that way I can get the wire under and the cover on nicely.

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