Samba across two subnets?

So I have HA setup on two networks from two different routers. One uses 10.0.0.x IPv4 while the other uses 192.168.1.x. HA has a static IP on both and is accessible from both networks so there is no problem with that. What I am having issues with, is when running Samba share, it seems to default to the 192.x network. Is there a way to get Samba to host on the 10.x subnet? Or better yet establish a workgroup on both networks?

So I have to SSH into the server and edit smb.conf manually? Is that correct?

Are you using the addon or do you have samba set up from your OS?

Does your HA instance have two ethernet cards or do you have one ethernet card with two ip addresses?

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I’m using the addon.

HA is running as a Virtual Machine on a Linux host. The linux is connected to one network via ethernet and another network via wifi (I’m buying an ethernet to USB adapter so eventually it’ll be an ethernet connection as well). Both networks are configured as a bridge in VBox and I believe they are bridged to the VM as “ethernet” connections.

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You need to bind samba ip to all interfaces or put manual with smb.conf
Give us your addon config. Delete conf data