Samba addon

I want to have the Date in the samba backup Name ({Type} Backup {Date}) in the following form:
dd-mm-yyyy. Who can help me.

Mans thanks

I dont know, how to do that and if I can give you a little practical suggestion, I would not even do that.

Like it is default, yyyy-mm-dd, when you have a lot of backups i a directory and you are viewing it in alphabetical order, the backups would be still sorted exactly in a time-lapse.

The way you want it, it becomes a unsorted mess. :wink:

Hi BebeMicha,
Thanks for your quick help. How can I elimine the time? That is Not necessário for me.

Name ({Type} Backup {Date})

Name {Type} Backup

This is Not What I meant. I mean, to eliminate the time part in the Date. I Would like to have yyyy-mm-dd instead of yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm.

This would be the process. You would have to use a combination of listing the files to get the full name string into a text file, then do a concatenate on the of each item in the file removing the end portion of the string (time element). Then use that result in a rename of the file.

Thank you for your answer. But I have no clue how to do that.

or edit this file on lines 19 and 27:

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Many thanks. It Works.

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@BebeMischa Great Job! Did you have that some where or did you just do it?

No, I’m just somehow extremely good with searching the web. Don’t ask Google, ask me… :slight_smile:

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