Samba Backup: Create and store backups on a Samba share

Hi there,
is there a chance to move the “storage pre check” to the start time of the backup and not the start of the addon?

I’m using one of my NAS for backups, wich is powered on for this purpose only (once a week(end)).
every time I restart/reload HA during the week (updates/upgrades/changes) the backup fails afterwards since the NAS is not available during Samba Backup startup. But it’s not needed at that point.

it would be great to get a warning only if the config couldn’t verified due to missing storage target but the AddOn starts anyway and shows errors if the target is still not available when the backup really starts.

and an automatic WoL command to the NAS (for my old, extremely slow NAS at least 10 minutes in advance) would be nice, but can archived by an extra automation.

a schedule for retries if a backup fails (due to target unavailable) would be a great feature as well

Hi all,
I would like to know

  1. how to work with encrypted backup (via backup password ) is there any way how to open homeassistant.tar file in the compressed encrypted file and grab a short excerpt from config to work with it?
  2. how to restore HA from the encrypted backup?

Yeah there is. Search the forum, someone created a Python script to decrypt them.

My advice would be to avoid password protection though. Makes actually using your backups more difficult than it needs to be.

Unless you are storing your backups somewhere public (which IMO is an even worse idea).

Hi all,
i use to keep track of my backup job execution, and in case one backup fail it send me a notification. It would be great to add to Samba Backup, the ability to run a script at start and at the end of backup, in order to ping via its API.


Confimed, this does the trick for me!!