SAMBA Moving files to config/www/icons

I’m trying to move files from my Windows 10 machine to a folder in the raspberry pi. I created a folder in my HASSIO raspberry PI configuration in the location config/www/icons using the file share tool. I can see the and transfer files to config/www using SAMBA share/file explorer but not to the config/www/icons folder I created. Has anyone else had this problem and know how to configure SAMBA to allow Windows to see the sub folder in www?

SAMBA config:
workgroup: WORKGROUP
username: xxxxxxxxxx
password: xxxxxxxx
interface: ‘’

  • ‘fe80::/10’
  • .DS_Store
  • Thumbs.db
  • icon?
  • .Trashes
    compatibility_mode: false

Remove icon? from veto_files ?

That was it. Removed icon? and I could see the sub folder.