Samba NAS - how to access once added?

I’ve managed to get the Samba NAS Add on working, sort of. I have a 75GB external Kingston HD installed on the HAOS server USB port, it shows in System > Storage > Network Storage, and I can see it from a Windows Explorer connection in the /media/kingston75.

However, it doesn’t seem to know that /media/kingston75 has 75GB available, because I tried copying over 20MBs of MP3s, and it said it couldn’t because there’s not enough space.

What am I missing? Isn’t the 75GB drive mounted to the /media/kingston75 location?

If I df -Bm I see
Filesystem: \\KINGSTON75
Use% is 5% of /media/KINGSTON75

Also, why is it mapped to an IP that is outside of my local network on 192.168…?


I have the original Samba Add on installed. So now they’re both installed. Is that a problem?