Samba Share addon - shared files internal path

Greetings colleagues, sorry for the stupid question. So, the standard HASSIO installation, the SAMBA SHARE addon is installed. On the computer with the WINDOWS, drag the MP3 file into the SHARE folder. Everything is ok here…

Next, I want to call this media file from NODE-RED, but I just can’t enter the direct (internal) link correctly. I went through all the options that I found on the Internet - but… “media link error” … Thank you in advance for your help. :)))

In lovelace you usually Stick it in the www folder
Or make a folder within there
Reference /local/ or
It should be the same for node-red

I try /local/share/doorbell.mp3 - not working… I suppose there must be some method to call a local file from the shared directory.

As far as I understand you have to add www to your /config directory. Then your files and directories stored in the www directory can be accessed by /local/.

Be aware, the /share (from root) directory is something different.

I didn’t try it my self but found it here:

Another thing which I saw mentioned somewhere on the forum is that it can be help if HA is restarted when the www folder is made. Don’t know that for sure also…

You need to be aware what the guys above are talking about.
Your folder (the one that contains your configuration.yaml file) and over samba is accessed by (say) \\\config\configuration.yaml, that folder (to the system) is called /local/ so you need to put your file in \config\www\ and as domoticon says it will probably need a reboot.

FYI, I tried Node Red but it seems Node Red only works with full path config:
/local/test.txt is not working.

From accessing the file with a browser you can access it by using local:

EDIT: In Node Red, be aware to use the Linux directory syntax, not windows!
/config/www/test.txt is valid, \config\www\test.txt is not!

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Since it runs in in it own container in protected mode
I don’t think it has any direct access. Just network access, can you put a url in

In my config it runs in protected mode enabled, I do have access.
Maybe you can try the test nodes (timestamp --> write/append to file) to see if a file is made (text.txt) and accessible?