SAMBA Share from remote


im trying to get access via SAMBA Share from remote (Yes i know its a security risk).
My idea was to use TaleScale or WireGuard to conect via an VPN Tunnel to my HomeAssistant and so im able to see my network adresses.

At the moment im using duckdns with MariaDB to get access from remote, but i have no fileserver yet, and i need it for my Bandmembers.

This is why i come to those 2 questions:

  1. So if i install the VPN, port opening becomes senseless, right? Should i close the open ports then?
  2. How can i see the folder i shares (in my case an external HDD) with my mobile? Just connect via VPN and then i can see it with some special file explorers?

Thanks alot

  1. Yes
  2. Yes. I use X-Plore on Android to access Samba shares.
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