Samba share stopped working and I'm stuck

I had the Samba share working, on an RPi4. On my Win10 system I created a Windows credential and could browse my HA setup in Windows Explorer as \homeassistant.local. And I could copy my HA snapshot files for backup.

Now it’s stopped working. Windows Explorer says it “cannot access…” ("unspecified error). In the log for the Samba share add-on, all I see is:
… Denied connection from (
… and is my Win10 system, so that’s me, failing to connect.

Everything in HA is working fine, I browse to it normally. I’ve restarted the Samba add-on.

I recently changed routers, and added a Z Wave stick. Can’t think of anything else that’s changed. I’m not a Linux guy - all I really need Samba for is to grab my HA snapshots .

From the configuration:

  • fe80::/10

Can anyone give me a starting point for debugging this? Why would it suddenly start rejecting me?

Guessing here because you did not share your full addon config: Windows 10 no longer allows anonymous SMB shares. You have to use a password.

The samba config specifies a user name and password which are matched by a Windows credential. This had been working reliably until recently.

Restart the addon and windows accessing the share

Already tried restarting the add-on and Windows. No change.

I’ve now deleted the Windows credential. If I enter \\homeassistant.local in the Windows File Explorer address bar, all I get is “Windows cannot access homeassistant.local”. Shouldn’t I be asked for a name and password?

That seems strange. I guess it needs to be

And for me, I only can access my HA Samba using \\192.168.0.x (where \\192.168.0.x is your HA instance)

What, if any, changes have been made to your systems or network around the time this started. Windows updates etc? What about accessing the share from other devices
You could also try reducing the allowed hosts list.

Tried \\ Same fail.

Tried access from another Windows system on my LAN. Same fail. And I see it in the HA samba log. The Windows client tried first on port 139, then on 445, and was rejected on both.

I need a way to gather some more clues.

I just installed a new router. It’s not blocking SMB because I see my failed attempts in the HA samba log. But could it be interfering somehow?

Removed and reinstalled the samba add-on. Put a user name and password in config and tried again. Now, in the samba log, I see the server start normally but on my first access attempt I get this:

INTERNAL ERROR: Signal 11: Segmentation fault in pid 290 (4.13.8)
If you are running a recent Samba version, and if you think this problem is not yet fixed in the latest versions, please consider reporting this bug, see Bug Reporting - SambaWiki

I gave up for a while, then back to Dr. Google and found this:

I created a new Windows credential with server name “homeassistant” (no backslashes), and the user name and password I’d put in the samba config. Now I can access the share again.

No clue how this new Windows credential is different than the previous one, and clearly there’s a bug somewhere, but this is a workaround.

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well, disregard my other post in the other thread, looks like you found the root cause. Nice!

try adding sambas homeassistant hostname to your host file. eg HOMEASSISTANT
just add that and change the ip to your home assistant ip, then delete credentials and try again to conect to HOMEASSISTANT