Samba share to share Docker volumes

I am using Ubuntu - Docker - HA

Samba share is up and running as HA add-on. I can see HA files from the computer. I would like to see more files and folders. I installed Plex and it is up and running. I have created folders /music /movies etc, but how to access them by my windows computer. How can I upload the files to the server. Where to start and how to?

  1. edit Samba share in HA to show other folders
  2. Install some solution in Docker for fileshare. (tried, but got confused, because port 8080 is already in use by Pi-Hole.

If using ubuntu, why use the add-on and not the native ubuntu samba?


I have 0 linux experience. I have done all set up following tutorials. I don´t understand what is going on when I use commands. I need user interface. When I do something in Docker, I use Portainer. When I use Home Assistant I avoid x.yaml editing as I may screw up something. I create all automations, integrations in UI. Done some in configuration.yaml, but avoid if possible.

If there is a bullet proof tutorial I can follow, without the need of changing path, folder, port, I may try…
Ubuntu server 18.04 running on a local machine…

I may try this:
if i would know what to edit :smiley:

Docker Plex path I need to share is
Mount path /var/lib/docker/volumes/Plex/_data

I like the overview i have with docker. I can stop, start, restart any service, without knowing the command and exact name. I know what programs are having problems, or did not start after a server restart.