Samba with multiple users


I’am using Home Assistant OS on an Intel NUC.

To access my files from my PC I tried the Samba share addon and the Samba NAS addon.
But both of them allowing only one user.
Is there a way to use SMB with more than one user (different username, password, shares) on Home Assistant OS?

Hi, have you found the solution for this? I am looking to create multiple users with different path to access as well. Thanks

Hi Eric,
Sadly I didn’t find a solution that is ready to use.
But if I understand the code correct of the already existing samba addon then it should be possible.
I will try to modify the samba addon so the user is able to edit the smb.conf. In this file you may define different shares for different users.

Hi @ElVit, is there any progress on this? I am also interested. Thanks!

Hi @airampg,
Indeed I had time to modify the official samba share addon, so it should be possible to change the smb.conf.
You can find my addon here:

Feel free to use this addon and I would appreciate feedback from you.


@ ElVit Would you please open a Pull Request with the official main branch? Samba has a number of useful features, and it’s extremely useful to be able to edit smb.conf.