Same URL for local network and remote access?

I have a static, public IP from my ISP and I control DNS for my domain, both on my LAN and on the internet.

I’m using Nginx Proxy Manager to handle the proxy and the SSL from LetsEncrypt. I have ports 80 & 443 forwarded through my router to the HA private IP.

Remote access is working great. I can go to and I get right into HA.

Now I want to use the same URL when I’m on the LAN. resolves to the private IP of the HA host. But the browser just times out waiting for a response. I assumed that Nginx would pick up the connection on port 443 and forward it to port 8123 just like when I connect remotely.

I can ping and see that I’m getting a reply from the correct internal IP. I can go to https://homeassistant.local:8123 and that works. It shows a certificate error, but that’s because the correct certificate for is being served. So I would expect that I should be able to go to and bypass Nginx Proxy Manager, but even that doesn’t work.

What am I missing here?

A local DNS which maps selected hostname to internal IPs while forwarding other request to a public DNS.

PiHole can do this and blocks adds, too

I think you missed the part where I said I control DNS on the LAN and that pinging returns the HA internal IP when you are on the network.

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I did, my bad.

Check your router config pages for NAT Loopback.

@Wolfgeek Sorry for the bump but wondered if you ever resolved this? I have the same issue except in reverse.

Since you were using split-DNS, NAT reflection shouldn’t have been applicable but wondered if that comment sent you down a path to resolution.

Nearly all consumer-grade routers support NAT reflection (NAT hairpining) out of the box. But if you can’t get to HA from the outside, it likely is a DNS, port forwarding or proxy problem.