Same user, multiple login sessions

Is it possible to let one user have multiple login sessions?

I.e. User 1 can login from both a phone and a computer at the same time, or on a local machine and using remote access to the frontend?

Here’s my config:

    - type: homeassistant
    - type: trusted_networks
          - group: system-users
          - group: system-users

Your session is based on the browser your using
If you used
Chrome is a new session
But Everytab or instance is the same session.
Use Firefox & Chrome and there two different sessions

Hello @Harry13 and thanks for your reply.

I would like to login using the same user (login and PW) on multiple devices at the same time.

Now, I can only login at one device at a time. If I login on my computer using User_1 then that user cannot login using the browser on my phone while User_1 is logged in on the computer. Therefore, I have created a User_2 so I can login from my computer and on the phone at the same time.

Is there some way I can login on all my devices at the same time using User_1?

I am logged into about 4 different devices with the same user account. There is nothing required on the HA side to do so.

@flamingm0e After removing everything under trusted_users: it seems to work fine so far.

Yeah I couldn’t see the logic in that