Samotech - presence detector and other things

Hi there,

Does anyone have experience with the Samotech presence detectors or other WiFi devices they sell? A lot seem to be Tuya compatible/based but they don’t have a lot of info on their site.

I’ve ordered a couple of their SM-308-2CH switch modules which are clearly identified as Zigbee and should work with hue or Zogbee2mqtt - but also one of their presence sensors which are described as WiFi but one of the images says Zigbee…

Does anyone have any experience with the presence sensors, or know if they can be integrated with Home Assistant, whether it’s via Zigbee or WiFi?



The SM308-2CH was not supported in zigbee2mqtt, but I worked with the developer and support will be in the next release. Works great.

The presence sensor was indeed Tuya, and I was able to integrate to HA using the localtuya integration. Integration works wel, not sure sure about the device (not convinced it was accurately detecting detect/clear)