Sample rate data logging

Hi everybody,

Question about datalogging:

I have a few temperature / humidity sensors broadcasting their value frequently over mqtt (every second).
If I look at the History tab in home assistant, I see the following behaviour:

  • the sensor values update very frequently
  • suddenly it doesn’t update for x amount of time (but states are still updated in home assistant)
  • values update frequently again

I’m not sure if the root cause is linked to the relatively high update rate and high amount of data points (although 1s should be very slow for these boards).
But is there a way I can control the logging frequency of the history_graph components and what gets stored in the REST api to avoid having x0000 datapoints getting stored per day.

(if it would matter: I’ve installed home assistant the python way not through hassio.)


I’m not familiar with MQTT, but you can restrict what’s recorded to the history database by whitelisting only those domains/entities you want recorded or blacklisting what you don’t want recorded.

I’m using the recorder configuration indeed, but that will completely eliminate a signal, not down sample it.

That sounds to me like the recorder writes cached records to the database.
Which kind of sensors is this? One sample per second ist too much, especially if you have a few of them.
How often changes the temperature?
Maybe round the values to one decimal in a value_template, HA records only values that have changed.