Samsung AC component not working with 2021.6


Using the Samsung AC custom component from GitHub - atxbyea/samsungrac: Home Assistant Climate Device for controlling (not only) Samsung AC

It seems since 2021.6 all custom components require a key file?

Has anyone got a work around for this, or have a different samsung AC component that is working?

No it doesn’t require a key file. It requires a version key in manifest.json, which that GitHub component has.

Just checked my folder and i have the folder there, yet the integration is not loading since update to latest version

Here is what i see in HA log

And what version of that custom component do you have installed?

In the file


is there a version key, ie a line that says something like

 "version": "3.5.2",

  "domain": "climate_ip",

  "name": "Climate IP",

  "documentation": "",

  "issue_tracker": "",

  "dependencies": [],

  "config_flow": false,

  "codeowners": [



  "requirements": [





Why not answer my question? Or even update it and ignore me? Then you could claim to have solved it yourself :slight_smile:

to be honest, i was in a bit of a rush, so i grabbed a copy of the code in my system which i had assumed would have answered your question :slight_smile:

Well it didn’t. How long since you downloaded or updated this custom component?

I am sure you will be able to move on :slight_smile:

In answer to your latest question, Probably about 6 months :slight_smile:

Well as you can see from github, the required version tag was added on 23 March. Update and it will load.