Samsung Appliance - Delay Appliance Load & Temporary Appliance Load Reduction

I recently purchased a Samsung fridge that connects to SmartThings (RF24R7201SR). In the app under Energy Management there are two Demand Response options - Delay Appliance Load & Temporary Appliance Load Reduction.

Delay Appliance Load - The product reduces its average power draw during the delay period of at least 13% relative to the average power draw with an average load over a 24-hour period. - Max Duration 4hr 30m

Temporary Appliance Load Reduction - During the load reduction period, the product on average limits to no more than 50% of power use over a 24 hour period. - Max Duration 15 minutes…

My understanding is some utilities support integration and can trigger one of these demand responses in exchange for some kickback to the customer. My utility doesn’t offer such a service. However, I am on wholesale pricing and have automations setup to disable certain devices when the price is too high (mostly via connected outlets). I would love to be able to call and API to trigger these responses on my own during high priced periods. Even though they are displayed in the app, I cannot trigger them.

Does anyone know if there is an API or local method to trigger these demand responses? I’ve searched around but cannot find any technical information on how to trigger them.