Samsung combined microwave & range hood

I have a Samsung ME11A7710DS over-the-range microwave/range hood.

The HA SmartThings integration shows many sensors related to the microwave, and a single switch entity (which doesn’t appear to control any aspect of the device that I can observe).

I’d like the hood lamp and fan control to show up in HA. I can see them through the smartthings CLI as a subcomponent of the device, but no sign of them in HA.

hood component
 Capability              Attribute                 Value
 samsungce.hoodFanSpeed  settableMaxFanSpeed       4
 samsungce.hoodFanSpeed  hoodFanSpeed              0
 samsungce.hoodFanSpeed  supportedHoodFanSpeed
 samsungce.hoodFanSpeed  settableMinFanSpeed       0
 samsungce.lamp          brightnessLevel           "high"
 samsungce.lamp          supportedBrightnessLevel  ["off","low","high"]

> $ smartthings capabilities samsungce.lamp
Capability: Lamp (samsungce.lamp)

 Name                      Type              Setter
 brightnessLevel           undefined
 supportedBrightnessLevel  array<undefined>

 Name                Arguments
 setBrightnessLevel  level: undefined

> smartthings devices:commands [id] 'hood:samsungce.lamp:setBrightnessLevel("high")'
Command executed successfully

Is this something that could conceivably be provided by the SmartThings integration? Or is this a fundamentally different thing than what the integration supports? Presumably my other options are to write a small integration myself, or use the Command Line integration to make commands through the smartthings CLI?

Any pointers would be appreciated, thanks!

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I also am trying to integrate my Samsung microwave into HA and am seeing the same thing as you are seeing. The switch toggle it provides seems to not control anything. Were you able to resolve your issue?

I was able to resolve this issue by following this post: Home Assistant | I just got a samsung smartthings connected microwave | Facebook

Create a Virtual Switch in the “Labs” area which triggers an automation to turn off and on the hood light.

The Virtual switches are presented to HA