Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

Latest samsung update to the fridge finally fixes the recent login issues and longstanding custom item issues. Hint for anyone using this display, you can use card mod to set the css zoom level to 0.5 for your cards to get the full resolution of the display, because the browser by default is at 200%.


Supercool! Is the screen responsiveness decent? The buttons at the bottom make it look like a giant phone lol.

The touchscreen isnt bad, not as good as a phone, but not as bad as a car lol. The processors not the speediest, but it does the trick. Wish there was a way to make it fullscreen without the adress bar, but at least its working finally…had to wait three years and three system updates to get a decent working browser.

that’s look very nice. Is there any you can share the code?

Not sure which part you were looking for here is a sample of the first block of sliders on the top left that shows the css formatting for the gradient, fonts and outlines.

type: vertical-stack
    - type: entities
      title: Outside
        style: |
          ha-card {

            background: rgba(120, 200, 255, .1);
            background-image: linear-gradient(to bottom, rgba(120,200,255,.1), rgba(120,200,255,0));
            border: 1px solid rgba(120,200,255,.3);
            font-variant: small-caps;
          .card-header {
            padding-top: 5px;
            padding-bottom: 5px;
            border-bottom: 1px solid rgba(120,200,255,.3);
            color: rgba(120,200,255,.8);
          .card-content {
              padding-top: 8px;
              padding-bottom: 8px;


        - entity: light.exterior_porch_lights
          name: Porch
          toggle: true
          type: 'custom:slider-entity-row'

        - entity: light.driveway_main_light
          name: Driveway
          toggle: true
          type: 'custom:slider-entity-row'

I have two different dashboards, one regular, plus another one turned for the portrait orientation of the fridge, and on that one, it has zoom: 0.5; added to the bottom of the ha-card section to fix that browsers forced zoom.

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thank you very much; that will be my starting point

My family hub still won’t display my custom cards! Says software is up to date too! Although it’s showing Tizen 4.0 for version. Family Hub 5.05 on the app. I hear the latest version (if this fridge actually takes it) takes away the Family Hub app and relies on Smart Things app which people are not happy with.

Well I guess this had to happen. I had been thinking those TVs were useless until a recent visit to Coscto where I saw this fridge. A light went off in my head and I said holy crap, HA on those displays is a killer use case.

The fridges are pretty expensive and I’d be concerned that Samsung will update you to death. Just like Google did with the Hubs. That said, what about rooting something like this?

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I wish that was possible… I have searched many times to see if anyone has ever rooted one, the only post I ever found was one that required a hardware mod.

Does the software allow you to run the browser full screen 24/7 I have seen a few examples of Lovelace on these but if it shuts you down, requiring intervention frequently then that would spoil the use case.

It does have a forced screensaver and eventuallly screen off, but it resumes right to the browser and refreshes ha status within a second or so. Very occasionally ive come to the fridge and its back to the home screen, but i have a.shortcut to the browser there and ha is my homepage.

Sorry for all of these questions but I was really close to purchasing until I found out it was Tizen. Tizen isn’t even so bad but the idea of a locked down system that you have no control over seems a bit evil.

Just thinking aloud here, I wonder if the digitizer and LCD could be separated and used with an Android device or Linux box of your choosing. If that were an option I would consider it. If anyone here does do a deep dive I hope they will post the photos of the boards. Is Tizen hard coded ?..what would happen if you plugged in a different boot disk to this unit?

Not even a tizen app store… the only apps are a specific few curated (sponsored??)ones approved by samsung. If I had it to do over, i probably wouldnt, better to mount a regular tablet on/in the wall than have something so locked down.


Thank you for the honest opinion. I do agree. If it were a regular Android tablet with a few extra features like viewing the food inside then I would likely go for it.

Do you ever use the camera to see what’s in the fridge or is this a gimmick ?

I have this exact same fridge with HA displaying…in massive text! This is perfect. What’s the card mod that I need?

They did really good with multiple cameras, but as soon as something is behind something else, or it is in the door ledges then you cannot see it…so for me its turned out to be a gimmick, but maybe your fridge is tidier than mine lol

Here is the community link to the card mod addon:

Then the minimum code you need to zoom out is:

        style: |
          ha-card {
            zoom: 0.5;
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I’ve been trying to get this to work on my fridge for a couple hours now to no avail. Would you mind posting your whole file script?

Sure , I will try to post something for you a little later today…

Thank you!