Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 - make a good console? (Cheap at Costco now)

Was in costco yesterday and noticed that the 10" version is $169 (US, in Florida at least). That seemed like a decent tablet for that cost, reasonable resolution, comes with Android 6 but 8.1 appears available.

I have never used a Galaxy Tablet, but thinking I want either a wall or table Home Assistant console. Was thinking of getting a POE adapter and sitting it on an angled stand in front of the Mini I have in the kitchen. Better than a Home Console since I can display HA’s display plus other web browser stuff, and at least some android apps (my guess is fewer and fewer over time as it will not be updated much more, if at all, with the OS).

Anyone used them? Do they make good consoles?

Anyone know of a POE adapter that can double as a NIC adapter in their microUSB port (I’m not even sure if that USB port accommodates hardwired NIC’s). Be nice if the necessary wire was also the network, skip the whole wireless thing.

And conversely – if you are looking for what appears to be a decent deal and are a Costco member, FYI. (I have no connection to costco other than a member).



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