Samsung Gear S3 Home Assistant UI!

I picked up a samsung gear s3 on black Friday and I immediately thought of how cool it would be to have some basic home control right on my wrist. So I wrote a very basic UI that supports:

Lights (on/off only, no dimming)
Covers (open/close only)

I want to gauge interest in this project to see if its worth putting in the extra effort polishing, finishing and packaging up for general use. Here are some screenshots of the initial UI:


Rest of the screenshots:

Let me know what you guys think.


Given it’s not a cheap watch (I was hoping in the $100ish range) but I would be in if I have one…Might pick one up later.


Yeah its on the pricey end. I was able to nag one for $250 on BF. Theres no reason why this shouldn’t also work on the S2 or any other samsung smart watches although I don’t have actual devices to test compatibility.

That looks awesome. I just got mine yesterday and I would be willing to help in any way I can. I’m not very good with coding but if you need any testing done I clould help.

I have a gear S2 and this would be awesome. I am not a coder but willing to test.

Gear s3 owner here
I would love to see this


I also have an S3 and would like to participate. Is there a repo you want to share?

Cool thanks for the feedback. I will share a github repo shortly!

Is there a reason why this is advertised for the gear S3? As far as I know it has Android Wear running, so other products with the same OS could work as well. I’m curous if there’s anything specific to this device in this project.
I myself have a Sony Smartwatch 2, but that’s not being maintained anymore. It has a rather old OS version, for which I wouldn’t expect support anyways. Just thinking about the other devices available.

It’s Samsungs OS ‘Tizen’, not Android Wear.

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Ah, ok. Thanks for clarifying that. :slight_smile:

@mladem And anyone else, here is a link to the github repo. Keep an eye out in the next week or two for an official release:

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I am getting one for xmas, this is great!

I love this idea and wanna kindly ask if this project could be done for Android. I have a Sony watch 3 and would love having such a feature and the use if android would increase the interested people I think. Integration of lock light scripts cam would just be awesome

I don’t currently own an android wear watch so the motivation isn’t there but I would definitely be willing to help a developer who wanted to work on it. Sharing code, ideas, etc… Maybe one day ill pick up a fossil or huawei and give it a shot.

Excellent!! Count me in as a tester.

I own one, and I’m excited to see this app released :smiley:

Excellent. Thanks for the support guys. Im maybe a solid days worth of work (bug fixes mostly) before having something publicly releasable. Stay tuned.


I’ve tried it yesterday, worked fine on a S3 Sport :smiley:

hi All, I have Gear S2, I’m really interested in this project, how can I try it and support you with the tests?