Samsung Health

I would like to see a Samsung Health component, so it could include a load of sensors, such as weight, distance, steps, water, etc.

API Refference here:

This will definitely add a new component to the health category!

Second this request

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Other request. Thank you

+1 please add Samsung Health, I need the deep sleep sensor

+1 please add Samsung Health Too

+1 from me as well!

  • 1 to this, great suggestion!

great suggestion!

Your link points to the Android SDK. Is there actually a web API at all? If not, it won’t be possible to build an integration for HA.

They have stated they have a REST API endpoint for corprate use, but i haven’t had any ability to access it.

However! There is a service called FitnessSyncer that has access to the API but also other fitness services, plus they supply their own REST API endpoint.

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They provide an Android SDK, cant we add the SDK to Home Assistant Android app and let the app pull in data from the Samsung Health app? I know there’s no other integration which works this way today in HA…