Samsung Internet - can't log in

Hi, with latest version of Samsung Internet Browser ( I can’t log in to my Home Assistant. After login it redirects me to “Unable to connect to Home Assistant. RETRY” page. Any solution?

I have the same issue. Clearing Cache and all Data didn’t work - although it did a good job of removing all my bookmarks!!

I ended up using Chrome to replace the home page icon and that seems to be working.

Not sure what the cause is I’m afraid. Using another browser seems to get it going. I imagine there will be an update to HASS at some point for this.

Same here on my Samsung tablet

I worked it around by uninstalling Samsung Internet and then installed older version from apkmirror. But that’s not a solution.

Perhaps we should all leave a poor review on to let them know it’s not working.

There’s updated version - Has anyone tested it?

On version and it’s not letting me in to HA.

It’s a bug or policy choice in Samsung Internet. I’ve created an alert Alerts – Home Assistant

Looks like we’ll eventually have the same issue with Chrome.

Any update?

Was able to use samsung internet to view HA today. Has something changed with Samsung internet or has my tinkering with my openwrt router done it? Every so often I give it a go.

It’s been fixed in newer versions of Samsung Browser.