Samsung ip camera snapshot


I’m looking to either stream an rtsp or as a worst case scenario take a snap shop of the feed as a jpeg or similar every 10 seconds, is there a way of this working or even being done, despite all my efforts i’ve not yet managed to get anything working.

Many thanks in advance

Not sure which model you have, Hopefully this page will help. They helped me find a URL for my ancient Foscam camera.

Thanks but I’ve already got the correct script to see the stream but it’s putting it into home assistant that’s the problem especially when it comes to the code and how to set a refresh internal of the image

I have a separate file called camera.yaml with these entries:

- platform: mjpeg
  name: Pool

- platform: mjpeg
  name: East Side

I am using the URLs that provides jpeg images, not the streaming video…

i have tried the above to no avail, i have also tried the following but i get an error stating: Error getting new camera image:

  - platform: generic
    still_image_url: "rtsp://"
    name: ollies room
    username: admin
    password: password
    authentication: basic

i can view the feed ok in vlc player so im happy the feed script is correct but i cannot obtain an image fullstop on home assistant, any help would be appreciated

Can anyone suggest a fix for this ?