Samsung Jet Bot AI+ controls and video

Not sure if anyone has gotten this info to come over from smartthings and in the proper way. I just set it up and I’m getting over a bunch of device info, like charge level, speaker volume, etc. but it doesn’t seem to be in the right format for a traditional vacuum robot entity.

Also it has a camera on the front and I was wondering if anyone had any luck in getting that camera feed imported over? I think I’ve figured out the API call that gets the stream, but not sure how to get that into an actual video stream.

curl -H "Authorization: Bearer {api_key}" -X POST{vacuum_id}
will give me:
something like this:

  "stream": {
    "stream_id": "{Stream_ID_String}",
    "turn_url": "",
    "username": "1646189864:{Stream_ID_String}",
    "password": "{SomePassword=}"

Did you find out how to get the Jet Bot into HA? I have the non-AI version and just like you mentioned, it’s not getting indexed like a vacuum.

Same issue for me with no ai JetBot+. Quite a few entities passed through from smartthings but the only one currently of any use is battery level/ charging not charging. I’m wondering if there’s a way via ifttt maybe :thinking:

I was fixing up missing sensors on a Samsung fridge, and found this, which corrected the issue:

I also have this vacuum and noticed it was similarly not configured in the API like the fridge. I didn’t have a chance to dig much further, but there is a robot vacuum option in there to try, I was able to use it, but I didn’t dig any farther. Might be worth a shot.