Samsung S23u - No more Alarm notifications when on "Do Not Disturb"

I’m not really sure what has changed. I think a couple of weeks (maybe even 2-3 months) ago i got a update for my Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, and since then i’m having a lot of trouble with my Alarm notifications when on “Do not Disturb”. I have already checked Battery Optimization for the HA app, and it’s disabled. I even uninstalled and installed again.

For example, i use this as an action in Alarmo.

service: notify.mobile_app_s23
  message: TTS
  title: ALARM
    ttl: 0
    priority: high
    media_stream: alarm_stream_max
    tts_text: ALARM! Persoon gedetecteerd!
  1. When my phone is not on Do Not Disturb, this works fine.
  2. When i just put my phone on Do Not Disturb and i trigger the notification, it works fine (sometimes with 1-2s delay)
  3. I experience that sometimes i wake up in the morning and the alarm (thus: this notification) was triggered, but my phone didn’t play the TTS message.

Before the update this always worked perfectly. Anyone got an idea?

is the notification being received in the apps notification history log at the time you expect?

Well that’s the thing. Because it’s a TTS notification, i’m not getting a notification pop-up on the phone. It should instantly start playing the TTS message. I’m trying to rebuild the notification so it does both: give a normal notification + a TTS message, but not really sure yet how to do that (through Alarmo).

those are still logged in the apps notification history section

Settings > companion app > notificaiton history

you have to send 2 notifications as of now until this request is implemented

Oh wow, didn’t knew that option within the app. I’ll monitor that logbook. Thank you!