Samsung smart tv configuration

Hi i was trying to add my samsung smart tv to the home assistant to i tried to configure it but when it sent the request to the tv someone from my family denied it.
Now everytime i try to configure it. It shows this message “Home Assistant is not authorized to connect to this Samsung TV. Check your TV’s External Device Manager settings to authorize Home Assistant”.
Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you.

You need to,clear the approved/denial access list on the TV. Look in the setup, network part on the tv.


i’ll try it and let you know thanks in advance!

I’m sorry i wasn’t able to find that option but i just reset my TV and tried configuring it again and it worked.
So, thanks a lot for you help.

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I didn’t have to reset my TV. Clearing the denied item worked for me, but it wasn’t obvious. I didn’t want to clear the whole list, just remove the previously-denied Home Assistant entity. the list was populated with many entities, only a couple of which i wanted to keep. i could not see the denied Home Assistant entity, which was apparently far down the list, until i deleted several items higher up in the list. Hope this helps someone!

list is located in
Settings → General ->External Device Manager → Device Connect Manager → Device List

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