Samsung Smart TV reports state change when TV isn't changing

Hi, strange one here. I have a 2020 Smart Samsung TV and have added the integration. It seems to work fine except that the reported state in HA repeatedly toggles between on and off when the TV is just off. This means I can’t use automations to control the TV backlights as they continual switch on and off. Here is a history extract to show how often it does it.


Interesting there was a good period over night when it was fine.

Here is my Config:

  - host: 192.168.x.y
    name: Lounge 4K TV

Running 0.116.4 in docker on a Pi

Any ideas/ suggestions welcome please :slight_smile:

Seems similar to this issue:

Yes very similar but not sure it is exactly the same, but will post there as well as could well be the same cause. Thanks