Samsung Smart TV swapping too HDMI1-4 per

i had some issues with mir Samsung Smart TV Integeration.
The TV is importet in HA but i cant get a methode too work too switch directly too my HDMI1-4.
There is a command i can Cycle threw the HDMI ports but not directly too Port 2 or 3 and so on…

            - type: custom:button-card
              name: HDMI 4
                action: call-service
                service: remote.send_command
                  entity_id: remote.samsung_7_series_65
                    - KEY_TV
                    - KEY_HDMI
                    - KEY_HDMI
                    - KEY_HDMI
                    - KEY_HDMI

I am using this code above threw cycle too port 4.
But wondering why there is no solution like - KEY_HDMI4.
Or is there a way ?

Thx for ur time.