Samsung SmartThings Fridge sensors unknown

Hi, I’m having a problem with the SmartThings integration and my newly purhased Samsung fridge.
I added the fridge via the SmartThins app and connected it to wifi. In the app itself, all sensors and measurements seem to be correct.

Now, I used the SmartThings integration to HA, created a token and everything worked - except the fact that the only sensor actually working was the contact sensor, showing the doors being open/closed. All other sensors were shown as “Unknown”


I already did some Googling and some people pointed out, that I should take a look into the Samsung IDE, so I ded. I changed the ‘Type’ of the device from placeholder to ‘Samsung OCF Refrigerator’ but the only sensors I got working this way, were the temperature.

I tried multiple options, but to no avail.
Does anyone have a clue where to go next?


It is also one of the open issues on GitHub

Plus, looks like someone has already made some progress with another branch of that integration.


Just in case, here is a fixed (at least for me) SmartThings you can install via HACS: GitHub - contemplator1998/smartthings

(Pulled #99924 and wrapped into a HACS repo)

It makes everything accessible, even sensors/controls that are always unavailable (just disable them in the HA).