Samsung Smartthings Plug

Hi, I feel like I searched all over the forums for a (I belive) simple answer to this. Appologize if this was discussed but I just couldn’t find anuthing.
I have a few of these Samsung Smrtthings Wifi plugs that monitor energy usage. I originally usded them with Smarttgings, but after moving to HA I have left them aside because I cannot find a way to integrate them to HA.
Does anyone know any way to add these plugs to HA without using the Smarttgings integration? I want them to communicate locally, and not use Smartthings cloud. I could not find anything either on just integrating random Wifi plugs. Is there anything I’m missing here?

Are you really sure they are WiFi not ZigBee? I’ve got some ZigBee ones (gen1 and gen2) and they work fine (including energy/ power reporting) with a ZigBee controller and zigbee2mqtt.

To confirm what Tim has said. I have 30+ of these on zigbee2mqtt but you can use zha as well

Well, it is interesting what you guys ask, because for a long time I always thought that these were ZigBee. However, the device itself says WiFi Smart Plug, and the Amazon description says WiFi.
Amazon link:
SAMSUNG SmartThings Wi-Fi Plug In Outlet for Smart Home Control Connected Devices, Monitor Energy Usage, Operate with Voice Commands, No Hub Required, White - - AmazonSmile

The model ID on the device is 7A-PL-W-A1.
When I realized they were WiFi, I thought, whatever, I’ll use them in HA the same (I come from a Smartthings Hub, and many things set up there that I moved over to HA).

I suppose nobody has any ideas for this? I would have thought that integrating WiFi plugs to HA be doable

Can anyone confirm if the power usage is exposed when using with ZHA?

Sorry I missed replying. It’s the first I’ve heard of a smarttings WiFi plug. Wonder if you could flash tasmota on it ? That’s how all my WiFi plugs are integrated.

Im new to HA, coming from ST as a result of ST nerfing etc.

To add to the discussion i took a picture

I have no answer either, but ran into this FCC filing, maybe someone else could tell us whether this being ESP based…?
7APLWA1 Smart Plug Teardown Internal Photos LEEDARSON LIGHTING . (

Alternatively, maybe use wireshark and sniff the packets, while using the app to control the plug?

Would the “Arnoo” app work with the wifi plug without any SmartThings hub?

Anybody have a solution to integrate these Samsung SmartThings Wifi plugs into home assistant without connecting them to SmartThings? I have a couple from my SmartThings integration and would prefer a local connection to HA. Thanks!

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Also looking for this solution


I also have these and looking for a way to integrate them with HA directly.