Samsung TV doesn't report current source (Was: Can't remove Samsung TV integration)

I had the Samsung TV integration running on my Hass Blue. But it didn’t show actual source as an attribute.

On the TV itself Hass was already allowed from a different Hass instance. So i thought, let’s re-install the integration.

Apparently I did something in the wrong order.
I removed Hass as allowed app on the TV.
But now I can’t remove, nor re-add the integration, this is happening.


How can I remove the integration?
Maybe there’s a clo way to do it?

OK, I managed to remove it by diconnecting the TV from the power. Then I could remove the integration.

Re-adding it however did not resolve my issue. The media_player does not report current source. Anyone knows how to retrieve that. Iirc in the past this worked.