Samsung TV integration doubts

Hi there, newbie here. First things first, Iḿ from spain and just got into this topic, intelligent house!!

Looks great for me and reading the forums about it.

I have installed HA via virtual box on a Linux PC, everything is working fine, HA discovered some integrations and devices.

I am now trying to get my Samsung TV to work via voice commands, for that I first create, at least tried hehe, to make it work sending remote commands.

The first problem is that I am unable to switch on the TV, switch off works nice, even tried voice and works well too.

another question is that I am trying to add a button to chage input to Netflix, my phisical remote has a dedicated button for that. For that I created a button and followed this steps

show_name: true
show_icon: true
type: button
  action: call-service
  service: remote.send_command
    area_id: salon
    device_id: 42f4231a4ccda0a8dbe8bab36afe5e70
    entity_id: remote.samsung_7_series_55
    num_repeats: 1
    delay_secs: 0.4
    hold_secs: 0
    command: KEY_HOME
entity: media_player.tv_samsung_7_series_55
show_state: true
theme: Caule Black Blue
  action: none

this does the spected

but to get to netflix, I have to send multiple keys and there is where it stops working
I added every key on a different line as this

Don´t know why, but more than one key seems not to work

any suggestion

I select sources on my Samsung TV using this as an action:

service: media_player.select_source
  source: Netflix
  entity_id: media_player.living_room_tv

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Hi, thank you for your advice.

I had reach this solution too, but i would like to have in my pannel a button with the netflix N to just touch, and go to netflix, and later on be able to make it work via voice.

You can, add the above service to a script, and have a button on your dashboard to call the script. Scripts can also be exposed to Alexa and called with a routine in Alexa

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In Developer tools. Under States. What kind tv Attributes you see?

hi, thank you,what service do you mean?

Are you using the UI or yaml ?

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In the UI, create a script like this:

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UI, not skilled enough to use yaml

hi, thank you for your support

When you turn tv on and open Netflix. Can you see app id?
If yes. You can create button.

Tap action: Call service
Service: media_player: Select source
Target: Your tv entity
Source: Netflix app id

You also need to add your sources in the integration config. using the built in integration or a custom one ? Your screenshot shows ollo69, sure that’s a custom one ?

Samsung TV was found by HA at install time, I didn´t touch anything

Strange, this is the one in your screenshot, the same custom one I use

Turn the TV on and then see what attributes there are.

Tested on my tv. Looks like it will not give much attributes with official integration.
I guess you stuck using Service call: Remote: Send command.
To get multiple commands sent at one request.
In command field write:


To get tv turned on. You need to turn on Wake on LAN.
Go to Settings - General - Network - Expert Settings - Power On with Mobile.
Then you need to add some code in configuration.yaml

wake_on_lan: # enables `wake_on_lan` integration
  - alias: "Turn On Living Room TV with WakeOnLan"
      - platform: samsungtv.turn_on
        entity_id: media_player.samsung_smart_tv
      - service: wake_on_lan.send_magic_packet
          mac: aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff

Now you can add button with tv media entity. Can use tap action as toggle.
Now should be able to turn on and off tv with one button.

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Hi, sorry for being late.

My Samsung TV does not show any wake on lan option, even on expert mode.

And let me just add that, yesterday I received a mi pad 6 xiaomi sent me for buying a mi 14 phone, well, the point is I just followed the first setup steps on it, and my samsung TV was detected by the preinstalled google home, and guess what, turning the TV on is just as simple as saying “turn the tv on” to google assistant.

Even though through the mi14 device does not work, nor HA is capable off.

I don´t understand !!!

You have been asked twice what attributes you see in developer tools, and to be even plainer with the tv turned on

If you want help, at least acknowledge and respond to perfectly reasonable requests to clarify your problem.

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here they are, sorry, but new experiences with mi pad have knocked me out