Samsung TV integration no entities

Hi all,

One of my four Samsung TV shows a entitie, the other three have none.

I have tried to delete and install all again, restart HA, same problem.

Any suggestions is welcome, should I install this instead?

Beat regards

Samsung TVs don’t have unique IDs so if you have more than one Samsung TV (as I do) the integration is useless.

Thanks, for your reply, but I have had all four TVs with entities. But something happened with HA so I did a factory reset of HA. Now only one TV shows up with entities.

Do you know anything about the custom component?


I have not used the custom component.
So, you had more than one entry for you Samsung TVs…hum, are they different models?
I have two different Samsung TVs, both different models and have never gotten it to work right.
Let me know if the custom component works for you.