Samsung TV integration - we need to talk!

No… maybe I got the TV just few months after the decommissioning, so the TV already got updated to the latest firmware and i was not able to use it

The repo is talking about a SmartView2 implementation, so i assume for who have a SmartView(1) model there is nothing that can be done?

Then try to grab it from ApkPure and give it a try.

Your TV might not on the latest firmware with the introduced secure connection.

Try to give a go with the built in Samsung TV integration of HA, there were some changes recently on that as I can remember.

Have a look at this as well for reference:


Definitely look at the built in Samsung TV integration, it has went through some upgrades.

Even @sermayoral confirmed that it is working now with the H6400 models. So things changed a lot since my last post in February.

The nice thing in ApkPure that they keep all the older versions of apps as well.

Here you can find the older Smart View apps too:

Going back to the original request… Seems like nobody figured out how to support Samsung TVs from 2012-2014 yet. I tried all the plugins in HACS and the integration using Samsung Smart TV and it discovers the TV without any devices or entities. I simply want to power it on an off without having to go down the path of IR or smart plug.
When I entered the IP address in the Samsung Smart TV integration, the smart TV asked for confirmation and it shows in my network settings in the TV “Home Assistant” as authorized but I don’t have any entities to control :frowning:

If you are talking about the H series TVs, then you have a major problem of understanding how the TV works. You cannot turn on the TV without IR or HDMI CEC.

I am still using @sermayoral’s integration and works well. It has a solution to use an IR blaster or other device through a service call to turn on the TV. Turning off is not a problem.

It has not been updated for a while as CORE has the H series integrated as well, but for me was not reliable. But as we speak, on HA 2023.08, it is still working (without a device, but with a single entity).

I had just written a post about this on another thread.

I have a HU7500 but I haven’t understood how to turn it on with CEC control, could you help me?

Hi Diego,

I remember you from the SmartThings Community Forum!

For HDMI CEC, you need a device which is connected to the TV by HDMI and can trigger a CEC wake command to the TV. Home Assistant used to have a CEC integration for the Raspberry Pi, but it has been removed ages ago. I believe it still exist as a custom component.

I use the aforementioned integration which has an option to create a service call for the on command of the entity. That can be used to trigger the device with the HDMI connector connected to the TV.

To be honest, it is easier to have a Broadlink IR Blaster or some other one, and turn on the TV with IR.

yes I’m :-)… I look around me to see if Home assistant can help me improve my home automation compared to Smartthings
You are absolutely right about the CEC. To tell the truth, for automations I’m only interested in being able to turn it off, when I go out, to turn it on the voice assistant, the remote control, the ir blaster app (switcbot from Smartthings not compatible in Home assistant) will be fine