Samsung tv on HomeKit

i have the samsung smart tv QE65Q60AAUXXH and i added on homeKit but i want to control the volum up/down, change channels mode HDMI etc. i like that now

how can do this to like as LG remote controller?

As I know this is not possible yet. It‘s only possible to switch the sources but not more. You can publish the volume as a light or fan but this is not a good solution.

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ok i see thank you!

There is a custom integration called SamsungTV Smart. It works for mine although I have no control of the inputs. My TV is from 2016 though.

and you have volum up/down and channels?

you write code on configuration.yaml? bcs mine have only turn on/off, TV and HDMI

I guess the integration has nothing to do with apple home.

the tv need to be on the LAN? bcs i have wifi and dont turn on.